Comprehensive Eye Care For All Ages

Spring Creek EyeCare believes in fostering a personalized atmosphere with an emphasis on eye care for all ages. The eyes give a glimpse into who we are and our passion is the care we give to them. Our customers are our best advertisement – when you look good, you feel good!


At Spring Creek EyeCare, we provide comprehensive eye examinations which evaluate all aspects of your eye health.

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Spring Creek EyeCare


Spring Creek EyeCare provides comprehensive optometric care for the Spring Creek and surrounding communities (including but not limited to the counties of Louisa, Fluvanna, Albemarle, and Orange). We are devoted to providing the greatest quality of care, highest level of service, finest products, and utmost respect for your time and needs. No request from our patients is too great. Dr. Easton wants your experience to be more than just a medical exam – she strives to build relationships with her patients that extend beyond the confines of the exam room.

  • Comprehensive Eye Examinations
  • Contact Lens Services
  • Optical Services


  • “My experience with Dr. Jaime Easton and her staff has always been pleasant. I would not hesitate to recommend her to everyone I know.”

    Catharine Kay


How long will my eye exam take?

The average comprehensive eye examination will last approximately one hour and will likely include pupil dilation (especially if you are a new patient). Dilation is necessary to completely access your ocular health, as well as diagnosis certain ocular and systemic disease processes. The primary side effects of dilation are temporary difficulty with near vision and light sensitivity. These effects can last several hours, with the highest sensitivity experienced within the first hour of drop administration. It is advised that you consider arranging for alternate transportation from your exam if you feel visually compromised from the dilation effects. Please keep in mind that we perform routine dilations because complete assessment of your eye health is our primary concern.

What should I bring to my appointment?

On the day of your examination, please bring all insurance information, as well as your glasses and contact lenses. Payment is expected at the time of service for all non-covered services, so please bring a form of payment with you to the exam as well.
Prior to your exam, there is paperwork for you to complete. This may be accomplished before arriving in office by downloading these forms from our website.

Can I purchase my glasses or contact lenses at your office?

Our full-service optical shop maintains the same hours as the medical practice to provide frame selection assistance and repairs without the need for an appointment. Spring Creek EyeCare fits and supplies many types of contact lenses, including those for aesthetic use, cosmetic use, and those needed for medical necessity. Soft, gas permeable, and specialty contact lenses are used routinely to help correct for astigmatism, presbyopia (the natural decline in near vision experienced with aging), and irregular corneas.

Do you participate in insurance?

Our office participates in both medical and vision insurance policies. Please keep in mind they are not the same. Medical insurance provides for evaluation and management of diseases, as well as coverage for eye injuries and new presentation of medical symptoms. Vision insurance, on the other hand, provides for routine eye maintenance, including prescription eyewear and basic vision-related services. At Spring Creek EyeCare, our staff is happy to assist in educating you which insurance will cover your specific complaints and needs.

Even if we do not participate with your insurance, upon completion of your exam we can provide you with the necessary itemized forms to file to your insurance company in an attempt to receive available out-of-network benefits.